Surric XS Box

Surric XS Box


The Surric XS Box is a Surric Vapes creation, American Artisanal Modder, proposing a new design for the Mod which is compatible with the 26650 Batteries. The Surric XS Box is mad in Aluminium with finishes which are almost perfect, as always with Surric Vapes. The Surric XS Mod has an output power of 80 Watts and functions with the Easy Pro Mini Chipset. The Surric XS Box is a regulated Mod which has a potentiometer on the front under the start switch. 

The Surric XS is made in the USA by Surric Vapes.

Batteries Non Included.

The Surric XS Box is a regulated Mod with the use of a 26650 battery (non-included) disposing of an output power of 80 Watts. All in Aluminium, artisan made, the Surric XS Box is designed and robust which remains legendary from the American Modder. 



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